Facebook Admits That it Has Collected Data from Non-users of It’s Platform

The Director of Product Management of Facebook David Baser, acknowledged on Tuesday that the US company uses its various marketing tools to collect data even from people outside the social network and has ensured that it is a common practice in the sector.

Baser wanted to respond to the “roughly 40 questions” that the company’s president, Mark Zuckerberg, could not answer in his testimony before Congress last week. “When you visit a web page or an application that uses our services, we receive information, even when you are disconnected or do not have a Facebook account,” the manager explains in a message posted on the company’s website.

This data collection is carried out when an Internet user presses the button I like or share on the network or use your account on the social network to register in a portal or an application. According to Baser, this is a common practice in the sector, practiced by other large companies.

“Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin have buttons to like and share similar to help people to divulge things (…) In fact, most web pages and applications send the same information to many companies every time visits “, says the manager.

This type of data, he argues, allows Facebook to improve its “content and advertising” and includes information about the user’s IP address, the browser it uses or the type of operating system used, “because not all systems and devices operate with the same characteristics. ”

These clarifications come after last week Zuckerberg appeared before both the Senate and the US House of Representatives to give explanations for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

According to the data analysis company, which collaborated with the Donald Trump team during the 2016 presidential election campaign, the information was used to develop a computer program to predict the decisions of the voters in order to influence they.

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