Two People Hospitalized After Outbreak of Legionnaires Disease

An outbreak of Legionnaires with six cases identified but none of them seriously, in the Calicanto de Chiva (Valencia) urbanization has forced to cut the supply of drinking water until 8:00 am on Thursday to proceed with the cleaning of the deposit, source of the outbreak, according to sources confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

Health has detected this outbreak in the Calicanto de Chiva Urbanization (Valencia) that affects six people, two of whom remain hospitalized in the Hospital de Manises, although their condition is not serious.

The origin of the outbreak, according to the first studies, could be in the water that supplies the urbanization, which from the first hour of today is being cleaned and chlorinated, says Sanidad.

Last Monday there was a meeting between members of the government team, the City Council of Chiva, Public Health technicians of the Generalitat and representatives of the water management company and it was decided to clean the deposit and the affected facilities.

In the first hour today the water management company has started emptying the tank, which is being chlorinated, and when a few hours pass it will refill it and distribute the water treated by the pipes to act for about 12 hours and produce the disinfection.

The sources estimate that by 8:00 this Thursday the disinfection process will be done and the residents of the Calicanto Urbanization will have water again.

Public Health recommended to the City Council of Chiva and the management firm of the well, as well as neighbors, who clean the internal network, as is the case of electric and gas heaters, that the water storage units are always plugged in and maintain the water temperature equal to or greater than 60 degrees.

After an absence of the home for more than ten days, and failing at least once a year, perform cleaning and disinfection of the water circuits. To do this, the faucet and shower diffusers must be removed, descaling them with conventional anti-scale cleaner and immersing them in a bucket with diluted bleach for 30 minutes.

It is also advisable to run cold water and hot water in all faucets of the house simultaneously for 5 minutes, and, in the case of faucet and shower diffusers, replace those that are more deteriorated.

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