TPG blackout: Customers report significant issues across Australia

TPG clients the country over have detailed significant blackouts, influencing a large number of clients.

As indicated by Down Detector, a site which estimates administration interferences and blackouts across Australia, more than 11,000 TPG customers were hit with issues soon after early afternoon.

The internet service said the “spontaneous” blackout is causing “NBN, ADSL, TPG FTTB web and home telephone association troubles”.

“Our IT and specialized groups are researching this as a need,” TPG said.

“We apologize for the bother and will give further updates as they become accessible.” has reached TPG for additional data.

Down Detector demonstrated blackouts across suppliers across the nation however significant telcos state the issue is as yet being examined.

NBN, Telstra and Optus state they have not been influenced by blackouts.

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